When it comes to adopting from foster care, the majority of people have an idea that some how, some way, there’s an endless supply of infants available for adoption. This just isn’t the case. In Arizona, there’s an overwhelming population of teenagers just waiting to be adopted into a family who will love them forever.

Here are 7 reasons you should consider adopting a teenager.

1. Older teenagers want family. And they are old enough to understand what that means.
2. Teenagers can tell you what they’re thinking and feeling so you can actually help…there is no guessing like there is with infants.
3. One of the best things about adopting a teenager is knowing that your not just choosing them—they are also choosing you.
4. Adopting teens is tough, there’s no easy way to put it. But watching them walk into adulthood is a reward that keeps on giving.
5. Teens really appreciate the small things—family dinners, movie nights with Jiffy Pop, one-on-one attention and so much more.
6. There are so many teens in foster care who lose hope that they will be adopted just because they are older. Adopting them can give them hope again.
7. Teens are able to vocalize their wants, needs, feelings, and fears.

Need more reasons? Today there are an overwhelming number of teens in foster care who are waiting for the love, hope, and stability that a family would provide. Don’t wait any longer, contact Agape at 480-272-7994 and schedule your family intake to begin your journey as an Arizona licensed foster or adoptive parent.

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