Adoptive and Foster Parent Services

Adoption - Adoption is a permanent and legal relationship between parents and children.  Whether you are seeking a step-parent adoption, the private adoption of an infant or specific child, or an adoption of a child from Arizona's foster care system (fost-adopt), Agape will provide you with the training, support, placement assistance and expertise your family deserves.

Foster Care  - Foster Care is the temporary placement of children who have been abused or neglected into safe and loving homes. Foster parents are very special people who are willing to share their time, their homes and their care with children in their communities.  Foster parents provide a critical and necessary service, and the impact of their service can last a lifetime.

In Arizona, foster parents:

Must be at least 21 years of age

May be married, single, divorced or widowed

Be legal US and Arizona residents

Be fingerprinted for a criminal history records check

Be physically, mentally, emotionally and financially able to care for children

Provide least at five personal references

Complete 30 hours of pre-service education curriculum

Pass a basic home life-safety inspection (home ownership is not required)

Have access to transportation

Have a telephone or similar means of  communication

Foster parents are provided with a monthly reimbursement, in-home support, medical and dental services for the children, respite care, and emergency support telephone numbers.

Forms for licensed Agape foster parents

Home Study Services - foster care licensure and adoption certification, and certain termination of parental rights actions require a home study.  Home studies consist of several meetings and the collection of important information about the social, emotional, physical and moral wellbeing on a household.  Home studies help Agape, the Maricopa County Court officers and Arizona's Department of Economic Security get to know the families who are requesting child placements as well as possible. Agape's home study services are customized to minimize the intrusive feelings that families sometimes experience as all of the aspects of their lives are reviewed during the preparation process for child placement. 

International Adoption - As a result of recent elections and the resulting political turmoil, Agape's international adoption programs in Haiti and Liberia are currently suspended. Additional information about these programs will be distributed from this website as soon as it's available.

If you live outside of Arizona and are interested in adopting, we will help you find a local agency to assist with your home study and certification while we work with you to help you find just the right child as you build your family!

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