Tax Credit Donations

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Agape Adoption Agency of Arizona, Inc., is a Qualifying Foster Care Organization! That means that when you donate to Agape, you could qualify for tax credits that provide a dollar-for-dollar reduction on your Arizona state taxes. In 2016, Governor Ducey and the Arizona Legislature partnered to increase giving opportunities for qualifying charitable organizations! This means that you can now donate as follows:

  1. Through the Foster Care tax credit, which has increased to $500 for an individual and $1,000 for married couples.
  2. Through the Qualifying Charitable Organizations tax credit, which has increased to $400 for an individual and $800 for married couples.

By donating to Agape Adoption Agency of Arizona, Inc., you are making a difference in the lives of children. The tax credit is available only to individuals and residents who file taxes in Arizona, and donations can be made until tax filing deadline.

If you’d like to make a donation online, please fill in the form below. Agape uses the Mogiv interface, which specializes in nonprofit giving. If you have never set up a Mogiv account, you will be asked to sign in as a guest or create an account.

For more specific information on the Arizona Foster Care Tax Credit and Qualifying Charitable Organizations tax credit, consult your tax advisor or the Arizona Department of Revenue at (602) 255-3381.

Is Agape A Qualifying Charitable Organization?

YES! Agape is a qualifying charitable organization under ARS 43-1088.

Specifically, Agape Adoption Agency of Arizona, Inc., is certified by the Department of Revenue as a Qualifying Foster Care Charitable Organization. Here is a copy of Agape’s QFCO Certification.

Can a Taxpayer Donate to More Than One Qualifying Charity?

Yes. This credit is in addition to credits for donations to Qualifying Charitable Organizations, public or private schools and it is available to all, whether or not you itemize deductions.

Can I Also Take Advantage of Other State Tax Credits?

Yes! Donating to Agape Adoption Agency of Arizona, Inc., does not limit your ability to give under other Arizona Tax Credits, such as private and public school tax credits. You can give and benefit under all three tax credits! For additional information, check with your tax professional.

What Are The Limits for the AZ Foster Care Tax Credit under ARS 43-1088?

Because Agape is a qualifying foster care charitable organization, married taxpayers can donate up to $1000 and a single taxpayer can donate up to $500 to Agape Adoption Agency of Arizona, Inc.

Where Do I Claim The Foster Care tax Credit?

To claim the credit, taxpayers must be Arizona residents, complete Arizona Form 352 and file with your state tax return. All contributions must be postmarked or made online by the tax filing deadline.

How Do I Make My Tax Credit Donation to AGape?

Giving is easy. Simply complete the giving form on this page to submit your donation securely online.

4302 E. Broadway Road Phoenix, AZ 85040



thank you for helping agape to make Arizona families stronger!

You are all so wonderful! Thank God for each of you and the dedication you have to help these children. That in itself is an awesome trait, a gift. The children of this state need you! I will keep each one of you in my prayers, I will ask that you have the strength to see beyond what most of us only see on the outside and make the right decisions for the children placed in your care. Remember that you made a difference in their lives. Not just for a moment but for the rest of their lives. We will always be thankful to you!