Adoption Tax Credit

Adoption Tax Credit

We Did It! The Adoption Tax Credit is Saved! A huge THANK YOU to all who got involved in making sure the adoption tax credit remains in both the House and Senate GOP Tax bills. This is wonderful news to come during National Adoption Awareness Month. The Adoption Tax...
Adopt a Teenager from Foster Care

Adopt a Teenager from Foster Care

When it comes to adopting from foster care, the majority of people have an idea that some how, some way, there’s an endless supply of infants available for adoption. This just isn’t the case. In Arizona, there’s an overwhelming population of teenagers just waiting to...

How To Connect With Your Teen

Many of us could probably say that we definitely went through the infamous teenage “rebellious stage” that caused some of our family members deep concern. You may even possibly be able to refer to grades 7th-9th as the brutal years where kids can just be outright...

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